Looking for a stable high quality voice solution with competitive rates and remote maintenance, look no further. We can offer guaranteed up-time and the lowest rates on voice calls in the market. Save up to 45% of your business telecoms spend, contact us for more details.

Wireless Converged Network Voice Service provides voice transit services for local, national, international and cellular calls at a third of the incumbent networks cost, with rates like this savings on your day to day spend will be from 35 to 45%, with free interbranch calls WCNVS can provide national clients with a free interbranch calling scenario thus providing additional savings and better communication between offices.

All calls on the WCNVS network between users are free of charge thus also providing a means of communicating to suppliers and clients at no cost if on this network, the network consists of Tier one interconnect fibre networks to all the major networks such as Telkom, Neotel, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, 8Ta to name just a few.

With current office setup’s, calls are normally routed via Telkom and end of life technology such as premicell’s. The latter being a cellular device with a sim card from the desired network to make cellular calls at a cheaper rate. But number portability and new technologies, has made this technology old and redundant as costs are never the same. With WCNVS we provide a lower flat call rate to all networks so no more guessing what the tariff will be.

By deploying technology like VIBE, WCNVS has become one of the better networks in South Africa as not only do we provide better quality but we provide our service at a third of the bandwidth overhead any other network can provide, thus meaning that we are even more price competitive when it comes to not only rates but infrastructure as well.

By incorporating CUG (closed user group) on mobile phones with the use of MOBEX WCNVS can provide free calls to any mobile device within the group another first and yet another way we can provide lower costs to customers.

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