Arena Pantanal Stadium Debuts in Brazil with Panasonic’s Wide Variety of AV and Security Solutions

Arena Pantanal Stadium Debuts in Brazil with Panasonic’s Wide Variety of AV and Security Solutions

On April 2, 2014, Panasonic do Brasil (PANABRAS) announced that it has provided Arena Pantanal Stadium, one of the stadiums to be used in the major sports events in Brazil in 2014, with Panasonic’s wide variety of AV and Security Solutions

The Arena Pantanal, in Cuiaba – Mato Grosso, will be the venue for many of the matches to be played during the event which starts next June. The stadium’s capacity is about 41,000 people and it has a flexible structure, in order to adapt it to future needs and multiple events, even after the event. Its nickname is ‘O Verdão’ (The Big Green), after the sustainable approach used for the construction and the maintenance.

Panasonic’s solutions include two 77.4 square meter large LED screens, security systems (330 cameras, 6 recorders, server and display monitors), three IP PBX main units and 60 IP phones, IT systems and 250 screens of full IP digital signage systems with the cooperation of its strategic partner Canal Livre. Arena Pantanal Stadium kicked off on 2nd April, with a test match between Santos FC and Misto EC.

PANABRAS and its business partner’s collaboration was mainly on IP Surveillance and IP PABX solutions in the initial phase. The international significance of the events that will take place in this venue requires very high availability of all services, as even minimal downtime during any match could not be contemplated. For this reason they devoted significant resources to the design and engineering of the solution, and the successful integration of all the parts of the system.

Large LED Screen installed by Panasonic Brazil

“Panasonic is excited with the opportunity to serve to Arena Pantanal with its solutions that provide a unique experience on the fans in the stadium,” said Hirotaka Murakami, president of PANABRAS. “For this world championship, Panasonic will bring out large screens that allow fans to see closely in detail every minute of the matches.”

“We are also committed to offering Arena Pantanal the best of our AV & Security solutions,” said Fernando Neves, General Manager, System Solution Department of PANABRAS.”This is the first installation of this kind in the Brazilian Market. We hope to continue to contribute to the sports and entertainment market which is rapidly and dramatically growing in Brazil towards 2016.”

Panasonic has been supporting Olympics Games as an official Worldwide Olympic Partner for more than 25 years since the first TOP program at the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games, and recently signed the agreement to renew its partnership until the 2024 Olympic Games. As the sponsor in the Audio-Visual Equipment category, Panasonic has been providing the Olympic Games with a wide variety of products and solutions. PANABRAS will support Arena Pantanal Stadium with the same level quality, technology and reliability as it has been offering to Olympics Games, to deliver the great excitement and safety to the audiences in Brazil.

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