Telecom Solutions for Life

Pantelecom was born as a result of changes in the delivery of products and services such as security, video, data and telecommunication and the need for professional robust economic means of providing these platform solutions to customers, we pride ourselves in being flexible to our customer’s needs, listening and reacting swiftly to provide the best possible outcome.

What We Do

In a market saturated with different hardware solutions the focus has to become more orientated to customization on a level that is not just hardware dependent, but also relies on the delivery of services like voice, data, video, instant messaging, email and security, all combined to provide best practice Unified Messaging services to customers from small to medium as well as large to corporate customers, this is where we formed an alliance with the Panasonic brand focusing on the Smart Hybrid form factor that is flexible in providing any solution needed for the South African environment.

Our mission statement is Telecom solutions for life, providing customers with the most flexible solutions and cutting edge technology to drive down costs and deliver the most crisp and smartest solutions available.

On telecoms we provide best of breed Panasonic hardware like the KX-NS500, KX-NS1000 and the KX-TES824, all of the products being able to provide analogue, digital as well as IP based voice services from small to corporate size companies.

Video services have become key in cost saving, travelling costs as well as sleepover cost can be reduced by leveraging of the economic Panasonic video conferencing systems available, combine this with our last mile offerings purposely built for this functionality to drive down costs.

CCTV surveillance has become the most popular way of protecting assets in your business, with Panasonic this has taken a futuristic step and the possibilities are endless, from analogue to Smart IP hybrid systems that can detect gender, count cattle and people, do face recognition and provide perimeter detection with alerts. This product is also robust and can work in the harshest of environments with IP67/68 military classification.